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 Owning a baby monitor and gone are the days a parent will silently peek into the nursery to check on the napping baby and then, whoops, accidentally waking the baby up… We all know what follows after that; new bottle, crying, valuable sleeping hours passing, difficult day ahead and so on and so on…

This is why a baby monitor is essential in any parent’s life

Samsung Baby monitorInfant optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

Babysense Video Baby monitor





All you have to do is carry a handheld device giving you a set of eyes on your baby, at any given moment, making it convenient for you to check in on the little one at any given moment. This while you are finalizing some chores, entertaining or busy with whatever needs doing at that specific moment.

Now the comparing of these baby monitors was a massive task as there are many brands! My question here, Which one is the ULTIMATE BABY MONITOR?

So where to start, all have very close to basically the same features but, BEWARE; some of these baby monitors you would think is good, but you should STAY AWAY!!!! (the Motorola, very bad reviews and service) I will only handle the ones that you would want to buy with your own money. The fact is that these three are all very good, what works very good is combining them, but more about that later;

Before I start comparing baby monitors, these main features are standard on all:

  • Two way sound,
  • Voice activation
  • Night vision/Infra Red,
  • Lullabies,
  • Handheld unit supports 4 cameras,
  • 2.4GHz (Difficult to hack, Very safe wi-fi signal)

Samsung Wisenet BrightVIEW:

Starting with the most pricey baby monitor, $179, you do get a lot of features;

  1. Biggest of all, 5″ of HD screen, as expected from Samsung…
  2. a night light on the camera if you really need to go in the room,
  3. Gift wrapping by some of the sellers…..

This is a huge seller and keeping in mind that this baby monitor is from Samsung and it has most of the features, let’s look at the problems;

  • Has the shortest ACTUAL, not claimed range, loses connection quickest between these baby monitors,
  • The battery loses charge after 6 months, have to replace the battery,
  • The screen is not as user-friendly as you would expect from Samsung, have to click hard,
  • The only baby monitor that DOESN’t measure baby’s room temperature?!

Samsung is the experts when it comes to screens, so that is not good news, they fail on their strong point… I love Samsung products and really wanted this one to be the Ultimate baby monitor, but very difficult for me to accept and will only say this once; it is not, not even by a long shot, there are cheaper ones that are way better… So as much as I wanted the Samsung to win, you are most probably better off buying a Samsung phone or tellevision.

I love looking at the Amazon star reviews as this gives you an instant answer to how a product is to live with:

Only 45% of all reviews, 510 when this was written gave 5 stars;

A massive 28% of the 510 was 1 star?!;

So the verdict:

This is the yardstick of how a baby monitor should be, but not the one that you want to buy…….

Infant Optics DXR-8

Infant This is the best seller on Amazon of all the baby monitors, but is this the Ultimate?

The DXR-8 special features:

  • 1st ever interchangeable lens technology on a baby monitor,
  • 3.5″ LCD Screen
  • Lowest % of 1 Star reviews

The cons;

  • Makes a load beep when losing signal and cannot turn that off,
  • Quite expensive to add another camera,

it really is hard to find to find other cons on this monitor as you will see when we get to the star review, the unit is good, the company’s service is good, it does what it needs to do and it is ranked No. 1 in the Amazon Baby Monitor area…

Best selling amazon baby monitors

73% of 18400 reviews gave 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!

7% of the 18,400 gave 1 star……

So the verdict:

At $ 164.99, I present to you the Ultimate Baby Monitor on AMAZON, the Infant Optics DXR-8!

if you are on a budget, have a look at the runner-up, or you want this for a second child…

Babysense Video Monitor

Ultimate Baby Monitor AmazonHere is the “Average Joe”, the “I’m not keeping up with the Jone’s”. This is massive value for money, has all the features of the above, even measuring baby’s room temperature!

At $ 74.99, half the price of the others, you are kidding me for not wanting this baby monitor.

I know it has a 2.4″ screen, but you just actually want to have a look at what is going on, you don’t want to watch a movie on this….

  • This one is perfect to buy in the place of a second camera, as all of the units have problems with connecting second cameras and this is cheaper than the loose cameras,
  • Perfect for an older child that doesn’t need so many eyes on them,
  • Perfect if you are on a budget, you won’t go wrong.

Best selling amazon baby monitors

                                                           61% 5 stars of 836 Reviews!!!

                                                           10% 1 star on a budget product?!?!


This is brilliant, the company is making this on a budget and there is not a lot of space for profit, this is massive bang for $!


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Thank you!

Abrie Engelbrecht